Pantograph Patterns

Here is a selection of SOME of the Pantograph Patterns or Edge to Edge patterns that I have available.
With the addition of the Pro Stitcher to my Quilt Machine, I am able to offer a  wide range of designs and a great many more than what are shown here.
The best is to make an appointment with me for a consultation and we will talk about the options available for your quilt 

Feather Meander
 Lenny Lizard
 Acorns & Oak Leaves
 Pumpkin Patch ~ Quilting Connection
Festive Holly ~ Willow Leaf Studio

 Over the Moon~Patricia Ritter
 Petal Pushers~Lisa H Calle
 Bluster~Lorien Quilting
 Forget me Not~Lorien Quilting
 Petal Pushers Border~Lisa H Calle
 Topiary Hearts~Patricia Ritter
 Spring Vine~Lorien Quilting
 Blowing in the Wind ~ Willow Leaf Studio
 Chevron Feather ~ Willow Leaf Studio
 Diaper Pins ~ Beany Girl Quilts
 Ornate ~ Willow Leaf Studio
 Pretty Paisley ~ Beany Girl Quilts
Wandering Daisies/Willow Leaf Studio

Bubbles/Lorien Quilting

Wrought Iron/Willow Leaf Studio

Tapestry Lge/Willow Leaf Studio

Waterworld/Willow Leaf Studio

Arabian Hearts/Lorien Quilting

Camelias Lge/Timeless Quilting

Flight of Fancy/Lorien Quilting

Hearts In Bloom/Timeless Quilting

Holly Berries/Lorien Quilting

Simple Stars & Loops/Willow Leaf Studio
Wildflower/Willow Leaf Studio

Alfresco/Lorien Quilting

Antique Lace/Patricia Ritter

Blowing Leaves

Bush Berries/Lorien Quilting

Daisies Galore/Timeless Quilting

Dancing Daisies/Timeless Quilting

Fay Feathers/Lorien Quilting
Flowing Feathers/Lorien

Feather Frond/Willow Leaf Studio

Flirtatious Lge/Timeless Quilting

Flying Paisley/Willow Leaf Studio

Halcyon/Lorien Quilting

Nouveau Scallops/Lorien Quilting

Rhapsody Lge/Willow Leaf Studio

Snazzy Snowflakes/Willow Leaf Studio

Swirl N Twirl Lge/Lorien Quilting

Tail Feathers/Lorien Quilting
Feather Block set ranging from 4-12" in size